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1 spot available!

​Have you taken a class with me before? Are you looking for a place to work, fire your pieces and be around other artists? Be a founding member at Lackler Ceramics and help create our clay community! ​


  • Studio Access

  • Bisque and glaze firing.

  • In house glaze selection. Underglazes not included.

  • Your own dedicated shelf space to store your work and your tools.

  • Use of studio equipment including 5 wheels, 2 big work tables, extruder, slab roller and glaze equipment. 

    Use of ware boards, plastic sheets for keeping work moist, rolling pins and slats. 

  • 1 one day workshop per month is included ($75 value).

  • Limited number of members and small class sizes.


  1. In order to become a member, you must have taken a class with me previously, or have independent clay experience. Membership does not include formal instruction, please make sure you are working within your own skill set and knowledge base. 

  2. A Member Orientation to studio flow and processes is mandatory.

  3. All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  4. If you need to terminate your membership, I request at least 15 days notice for the ending month. Cancellations beyond this window will be charged a $50 late notice fee.

  5. You are 100% responsible for any damages to the space or equipment that you incur. Let me know promptly when something occurs so we can make a plan together.

  6. When classes and workshops are in session, you are still welcome to use the space. A calendar will be made available to you. However, please be considerate of workshop and class participants, and know that space will be limited depending on the class.

  7. ALL glazes and materials MUST BE non-toxic. The only exception to this is the occasional luster firing, which will observe all proper precautions.

  8. Lackler Ceramics is a small studio and not appropriate for production work.  A good guideline is to fire work resulting from no more than 1 bags of clay per month.

  9. While members may bring a friend or family member to see what you are working on or give a little tour, please no outside help, workers, friends, children, etc. to work on either your projects with you or their own projects. You may not teach private lessons in the studio.

  10. Do not share the door code with anyone. Always lock the door behind you if you are the last one to leave the studio.

  11. Cleaning is a requirement of studio use. This includes mopping and wet wiping down your spaces. The orientation includes instruction on safe cleaning practices. Keeping clay dust to a minimum is important for the safety of everyone in the studio.

Get Prepared

  • Tools, bats and aprons are not provided. I have some tools available for purchase and am always happy to make recommendations. 

  • Clay is not included. Limited amounts of clay are available for purchase at the studio.

  • I fire to Cone 04 bisque and Cone 5/6 glaze. All outside clays and glazes must be pre-approved by me before use. 

  • The closest places to shop for materials are Alpha Fired Arts or IMCO in Sacramento. Let's stay in touch about making materials trips-I'm always happy to pick up a few things for you if I'm going.

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
  • Full Shelf Membership

    Every month
    Studio access, glazes and firing and 1 workshop per month.
  • Half Shelf Membership

    Every month
    Studio access, glazes and firing and 1 workshop per month.

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