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About Me

Hello, I'm Katie Lackler. I make pots to be held and used every day. For me, the practice of pottery is about the feel of the clay in my hands and allowing my mind and body to slow down. With each piece I pass on that sensory connection in its shape, balance and smoothness to touch. 


I create in small series, with a whimsical curiosity to experiment and play with soft curves, carved designs and glazes. Many Lackler Ceramics pots feature agateware, a throwing technique using multiple contrasting clays. I love this style because of its unpredictability and reminiscence of layered canyon rocks.


As a maker and pottery teacher, my work and classes are an expression of my own path towards treating myself and others with gentleness and patience as we create, play and learn. 


I have been making functional pottery in Murphys, CA since 2015 and teaching pottery classes since 2020.

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